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[ NEWS! ] I'm finally building a decent gaming PC

Discussion in 'Computer Gaming' started by dns, Mar 4, 2016.

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  1. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Well, you guys might start seeing me a little more often. I know i've been absent as fuck for quite some time, but i'm still around and i'm glad to see that some of you are also. I finally decided it was time to add a little recreation back into my life so except for 1 package (for the pc build itself) that should arrive tomorrow, i've received everything for the new build. My xbox360 controller usb receiver and a couple of batteries I ordered is estimated to be here next Wednesday. My build list is at, feel free to let me know what you think. I plan on playing some steam games and downloading some other pc games. Let me know what yall are playing so I can join in!
  2. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    PC Build:
    if you are going with an i3 you could just go with a better AMD 8 core (just dont go with bulldozer).
    you may not have clearance for that GFX card on that board.
    500W PSU may be too weak.
    you can get a 4 pack of coolermaster 120mm fans for about < $14.
    Depending on the case a Cooler master GeminII may fit better than a sleeve .
    if you decide on an AMD board you may want to go with a sapphire GFX card and shave about $40-$20 off
    Arctic Thermal paste can be better & cheaper depending on what kind you need.

    maybe get a larger board (possibly AMD) and a case with cable management.

    I mostly play on PS4 so i can gameshare & split the cost of games with a friend

    PS4 -
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    • Rainbow Six: siege
    • The Division

    as for steam -
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  3. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    Honestly you could get better performance centered around an AMD build but that's just personal preference get a lot more bang for your buck edit looks like you already got all the stuff no sense in getting anything else unless you take the time to return everything which is a hassle nonetheless forthe amount of money you spent I would of spent the extra 100 on this bad boy not to mention it might be less removing the keyboard and gaming mouse.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016

    DILLIGAF Co-Webmaster Admin

    Come and join me at TROVE.
  5. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    Heyy! Welcome to PCMasterRace! Pretty sure you've probably already been here though, haha. Add me on steam: (You've to let me know though first, because I get a lot of friend requests and don't add them/deny them).
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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